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How Whole House Fans Improve Indoor Air Quality

06 Nov 18 |No Comments
How Whole House Fans Improve Indoor Air Quality

For years, Californians have heard about how polluted the air is outdoors. So, naturally, we all assumed that the air quality in our homes must be better than the air outside. But, the latest studies are showing that the situation doesn’t improve once you enter your home. In many instances the concentration of polluted air can be worse indoors than it is outside — in some instances, much worse. While air filters work to some extent, they are slow and unable to trap the fine microscopic particles responsible for most respiratory issues. One of the best ways to lower the amount of indoor air pollutants is by bringing in fresh air from the outdoors, which brings us to whole-house fans. Depending on the size of your home and how many windows are open while the unit is operating, a whole-house fan can replace stale indoor air 3-4 times each hour — that means every 17 minutes (on average) your home receives a fresh supply of air while also keeping it cool, comfortable, and lowering your energy bill! Let these 4 Indoor Air Quality Facts Sink In While these indoor air quality facts may have you thinking about “heading for the hills,” wouldn’t a whole-house fan be a better way to eliminate many of the issues homeowners face in terms of indoor air quality?

  1. Asthma Rates in Children Have Risen Over 70% in the Last Few Decades
In the last few decades, many homes were built to be as airtight as possible in order to reduce energy costs. But, these cost savings also come with unintended consequences, namely poor indoor air quality, resulting in an increased incidences of pediatric asthma rates. Plus, kids are spending more time indoors, further aggravating the situation. By allowing fresh air into the home, you can greatly improve the respiratory health of its inhabitants — especially children.
  1. The EPA Said What?
With oil spills occurring in previously pristine environments, the continuing environmental toll of the drinking water in Flint, Michigan, and the many other issues affecting the environment, you can be excused if you missed the EPA declaring indoor air pollution as one of the top environmental dangers of the modern time. Just how bad is it? Read on to find out.
  1. Indoor Air is How Many Times More Polluted than the Outdoors?
When the EPA listed indoor air quality as being among the top five of its primary concerns, there was one fact that did make a dent in the news: in most homes, indoor air has five times the pollutants compared to the air outside. If that figure isn’t bad enough, the agency estimates that some households could contain 100 times the amount of airborne pollutants than the air outside. Think of this: these facts and figures are coming about at a time when fewer people are smoking (especially indoors) and we are all using more natural products. This is because we are using more types of products than ever and spending more time indoors.
  1. Indoor Air Pollution Has Many Sources
While smoking is one of the most visible signs, indoor air pollution can come about from a variety of sources. Our daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, hairsprays, painting, and other sources have the combined effect of drastically reducing the quality of indoor air. This is especially true if an effective ventilation system hasn’t been installed. Improving the Air Quality within Your Home After running through all those facts about the toxicity of our indoor environments — especially the air — we felt it necessary to reiterate that there are things you can do to improve the air quality within your home. While installing HEPA filters and air purifiers can help, one of the most beneficial things you can do to improve air quality is also one of the easiest — bring in more fresh air from the outdoors and get rid of that stale, polluted air. With a whole house fan installation, you can drastically improve the quality of indoor air, save on cooling expenses, and also make your home more comfortable throughout the day. To see if a whole house fan system is the right choice for your home, call Enver Energy Improvements today!